Cornice restoration

Cornice (from the Italian word for ledge) in classical architecture describes an area or space that overhangs something else. Cornice is a type of moulding that runs along the top of interior walls and it can assist with brightening a room by reflecting light into areas of shadow. It can also make small rooms feel bigger by drawing the eye upwards.

If your cornices are damaged due to age, water ingress or rot works, we can repair it! We would come to your property at a suitable time, take a mould, replicate it beautifully in our workshop then refit to bring your cornice back to its former glory.

All new cornice is handmade with traditional methods using traditional materials. Once fitted you won’t see the difference between the original cornice and restored areas. Should your cornice or other plasterwork be storm damaged or damaged by other unforeseen circumstances we can provide a quote for your insurance or factor.

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